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Welcome To NTP Pakistan

Our Vision



Universal access to quality diagnosis and treatment for people with TB.


To reduce 50% of TB prevalence by 2025 in comparison with the prevalence of TB in 2012.


  • Expand access to FREE quality diagnosis & treatment for TB patients.
  • Reduce human suffering & socioeconomic burden associated with TB.
  • Protect vulnerable populations from TB, TB/HIV and MDR-TB.

Our functions/mandate

  • We fight against Tuberculosis in Pakistan to reduce mortality, morbidity and spread of TB infection. National TB Control Program is integrated with Primary Health Care (PHC) system implemented by the district health authorities with the support of Provincial TB Control Programs (PTPs).
  • With the endorsement and implementation of "Stop TB Strategy" in 2006, we strive to improve the performance and public health impact of country level TB programs while mitigating the risks of drug resistance.

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